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Paul Vario Spector Bass Bio PicturePAUL VARIO 

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Audio Recording (all ages/levels/styles)

Paul Vario is one of the most respected and in-demand music instructors in New York City where he is the owner of Paul Vario Music and instructs a large and diverse roster of private students. His NYC Public School programs have included Guitar Ensemble at P.S.94 and Keyboard Lab at P.S.31 where he has also run a succesful Rock Band program in coordination with Little Kids Rock nonprofit organization.

Paul can be seen co-hosting the YouTube Lesson Series Guitar Slinger TV. Each episode of Guitar Slinger TV includes tips, tricks and advice, providing a uniquely entertaining learning experience that guitarists of all levels can benefit from.

Paul has toured, recorded, performed and jammed with Son Seals, Goldy McJohn, Mark Wood, Al Pitrelli, Jordan Rudess, Alex Skolnick, Tony Harnell, John McEnroe and many others. He has performed live in front of thousands, on international television and radio and his session work has been featured in network broadcasts and films. His current solo EP Dragonfly is available everywhere. Paul proudly endorses Spector Basses.

A gifted communicator, Paul has worked with thousands of students of all ages, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers in music performance, production and education. Paul Vario Music, opened on February 1, 2012, is his proudest achievement.

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Paul Vario is a proud endorser of Spector Basses and Darkglass Electronics

Paul Vario Music Spector Bass Artist

Paul at Spector Bass Headquarters with Stuart Spector, Jimmy & Mikey