Dragonfly EP


Paul Vario - Dragonfly“Dragonfly” is the follow-up EP to 2015’s “Stormbringer”. Continuing the minimalistic journey of that release, these three new songs are prime examples of Paul Vario’s atmospheric and cinematic approach to instrumental rock. Metal roots never far from the surface, Paul’s bass-driven grooves and prog-inspired keyboard work provide the canvas for soaring, anthemic guitar melodies. Always thematic, never self-indulgent, his “anti-shred” style of lead playing is fully on display.

“Stormbringer” reviews:
Prog Metal Zone – “hard rocking songs that have a strong dramatic feel to them and feature Vario’s wonderful playing“

Metal Addicts – “having some awesome heavy metal on it that every fan should enjoy to no end“

Paul Vario - Dragonfly Press Photo


Composed, performed and produced by Paul Vario (C)2017