Will you travel to my home?
All lessons are taken here at the PVM studio, to ensure the best possible music education, using modern state of the art tools. The studio is
fully equipped with instruments, music, sheet music and everything that a student would need to have the best possible lesson.

What do I need to bring?
Piano students need to only bring their lesson books. Bass and guitar students are asked to bring their instrument and lesson books. Amps/cables are provided. In the event that you cannot bring your instrument, one will be provided
for you.

Do you sell guitars?
No, though Paul works closely with retailers and has a vast knowledge of the industry. He will be more than happy to help guide a student to the perfect instrument to suit their needs.

How old does a student need to be? 
Paul currently accepts students ten and older.

Can I take a trial lesson first, before committing to the month?
Absolutely! New students can take a one-time 30 minute trial lesson at $35.