Does your guitar feel hard to play? Does your bass need a “little love” 

Whatever the issue may be, we can help you…

RepairsPaul Vario Music offers fast, competitively priced, professional, maintenance services for your instrument. We use the best, modern tools of the industry for our PVM Pro Setup. With a professional in-house technician on staff, we have the ability to service your guitars and basses with the fastest possible turn around time.


Our PVM Pro Setup includes these three multi step phases to optimize your instruments playability:

  • 1. Inspection & Preparation
  • Hardware Inspection –  Tightening, Polishing & Cleaning
  • Fretboard Inspection – Fret Polishing & CleaningFingerboard Conditioning & Cleaning
  • 2. Restring & Performance Optimization
  • Restringing  – String StretchingTuning & Intonation 
  • Nut Inspection – Slotting & Lubricating
  • Bridge & Saddle Inspection – Height Adjustment, Friction Smoothing 
  • Playability Inspection – Truss Rod Adjustment, Light Fret Dress
  • 3. Output Optimization & Final Finishing
  • Electronics Inspection – Spray and Clean
  • Fine Finish Inspection – Cleaning & Polishing


PVM Pro Setup Pricing 

PVM Pro Setup – Electric Guitar – $60 ($65 with strings included)

PVM Pro Setup – Electric Bass – $60 ($80 with  strings included)

PVM Pro Setup – Electric Guitar (12 string or locking tremolo) –  $70 ($75 with strings included, additional charge for 12 string sets or specialty strings)

PVM Pro Setup – Acoustic Stringed Instrument – $50 ($60 with strings included, additional charge for 12 string sets and bass strings)

PVM Instrument Restring – $20 (any stringed instrument with up to 12 strings. Additional charges if strings must be provided)


A great feeling instrument will always inspire you to play. 

Let us get yours up to its maximum playability.

Please call us or email us for a free estimate and consultation. If your instrument requires a repair, restoration or installation service that we do not provide, we are happy to refer you to the best technicians in the NYC/Long Island area for your needs.